MAKES | Monogrammed Doormat

To get this show on the road I need to introduce you to my partner in crime & number one sidekick: Nick.

The Anderson's: Eats & Makes

The Anderson’s

Between his ever growing beard & my ever changing dreads our hair is slowly taking over the world, or at least our little piece of Central Oregon. Last summer (2013) just before we got married we signed a big kid lease on our first apartment together!

It’s important to note I had spent the previous year living in Spain & upon my return to the Pacific Northwest I was craving some good old fashioned thrifting & crafting. And this two bedroom apartment filled with beige walls & oak molding was my first canvas. So I promptly got to nesting & what better place to start than the front door.


DIY Monogramed Doormat: Eats & Makes   Supplies:

  • A plain bristle doormat (I got mine at Home Depot for less than $20)
  • Letter stencils
  • Acrylic paint
  • Painters tape
  • Stencil brush

Steps:   DIY Monogramed Doormat: Eats & Makes

  1. Place your stencils on the mat in your desired location. Use painters tape around the borders of each letter to keep them in place while you paint
  2. Using your stencil brush, lightly apply the first coat of paint. When stenciling be sure to work in light layers in order to avoid the paint bleeding under the stencil outline.
  3. Allow the paint to dry.
  4. For my project I applied three coats of paint.
  5. Allow the project to dry overnight before removing the stencils.
DIY Monogramed Doormat: Eats & Makes

The good ol’ days when that chair was our living room furniture “set.”

Then it’s time to place your personalized doormat in front of your door & welcome yourself home! Let me know in the comments how your monogrammed doormat turns out!


We’ve been using our doormat now for over eight months & it’s held up really well! It even survived our constant snow boot wear & tear when we got over 2′ of snow last month. I might repaint it this summer just to keep it looking fresh but overall this project is quick, cheap & one of my favorites!

While I used acrylic paint I would assume this project could work equally as well with spray paint, just be sure to thoroughly tape & cover the unused portion of your mat & workspace.


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