Our First Apartment | Before

Getting the keys to our first apartment was… insane.

I made the 30+ hour journey back to Oregon from Spain & arrived on a Wednesday night. Nick was scheduled to start his new job in 10 days so by Friday morning we were on our way Bend to celebrate our one year dating anniversary & find an apartment.

When we were just outside of town I called a few property management companies who had apartments listed online that we liked. This is when reality started to sink in… of the handful of places we found online all of them already had applications pending. We quickly set up camp in a coffee shop & tried to find updated lists of apartments.

Finally we decided to just go to every company in town & turn in applications for whatever they had available within the next week. With our budget & timeframe our options were limited, to say the least. One woman along the way told us there was a less than 1% vacancy rate at the time.


As we were running all over this foreign town applying for places we had never seen only to be on the “waiting list” I started to lose it. Finding a place for Nick to live was starting to feel impossible & the 3 hour commute from where he was living in the valley wasn’t a viable option to buy us time.

We prayed, I got stressed, we were a mess.

With our newly discovered low standards we went to the last management company in town. At the beginning of the day we had called on an apartment we liked but it already had pending applicants. By the afternoon we were desperate so we applied anyways. That’s when they told us the previous applicants had been denied & we would be first on the list.


We tried to play it cool but I could’ve wet my pants in that moment. We turned in our paperwork, fees & raced over to the apartment to get a quick tour before the weekend.

After spending the weekend in Bend we drove back to valley & waited to hear if we were approved. We waited. And waited. With 4th of July quickly approaching we knew we had to be approved & sign our lease ASAP. So as soon as they called me with the news I drove to Bend, signed our lease, had a copy faxed to Nick, got our keys & drove back to the valley.

Mind you I had been living in Spain the past 10 months mostly walking & riding buses, then within a week back in Oregon I drove 100s of miles. Gotta make up for lost time right?

And after all the chaos & a lot of divine intervention we had the keys to our first apartment.

Our First Apartment: Before | Eats & Makes

It’s a two-bedroom beige beauty. We have more closets than we could’ve ever dreamed of, oak molding & brass everything.

Here’s the “before” tour:

Our First Apartment: Before | Eats & Makes


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