MAKES | Easy Chalkboard Lettering

I mostly hated wedding planning.

There were just too many things I had to force myself to have an opinion about, or worse, too many things I knew I didn’t like but couldn’t articulate what I did like. But Nick & I realized early in the planning process that this was our wedding & we made the rules. So, when the thought of making the biggest commitment of our lives & immediately rushing to the biggest party of our lives continued to stress us out we knew we had to bag it.

We considered eloping — in Spain.

We considered eloping — in the US.

But not having our family there felt incomplete. And with us having so many friends who feel like family, we knew we had to have an actual ceremony with actual people.

So we decided on sunrise at the top of a peak in the Willamette Valley, which was followed by a big ol’ party a month later. For us, it was perfect.

But when you’re going to tell your family they have to wake up at 3am & drive to the top of a mountain to see you get married you better have something to sweeten the deal.

Solution: coffee & pancakes.

And the only thing I really enjoyed about wedding planning was getting to craft my summer days away.

One of my favorite crafts was making chalkboard signs to tell people about food, coffee & blankets. I made dozens & they looked awesome without me having to freehand a single thing.

Easy Chalkboard Lettering


  • Chalkboard (try making your own with chalkboard paint/spray paint!)
  • Chalk
  • Chalk pens (find these near the paint at your craft store)
  • Pencil


  1. Once you’ve decided what you want to write on your chalkboard use your computer to play around with fonts & sizes that will work best for you. I used Quicksand & Mission Script for my signs. Print out your phrases & roughly cut each word (or sentence if your font is smaller) into rectangles.
  2. Use your chalk to thoroughly cover all the ink on the right side of the paper.
  3. Place the chalked paper right side down onto your chalkboard. Move your words to fit your space & tape the paper down.Easy Chalkboard Lettering | Eats & Makes
  4. With your pencil, trace the outline of each letter on the back of the paper (so that you’re imprinting the chalk onto the chalkboard). If your lettering is smaller you’ll just need to write over each letter instead of tracing all sides. Be sure to press firmly so that the chalk transfers well.
  5. Remove your paper & continue tracing your words until you’ve finished your desired phrases. If you need to, erase & retrace any words that were misplaced.
  6. Finally, using your chalk pen outline & fill in each letter using the chalk tracings to guide you.

It’s so easy & cleaner than trying to freehand it!

Easy Chalkboard Lettering | Eats & Makes

PS. Wanna see what a sunrise, mountain top wedding looks like? Check out our wedding video!



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