MAKES | Cloth Napkins

When we first got married I realized I was quickly being thrown into the grown-up world. You know, the time when you suddenly get your life together & own real plates.

In the beginning we owned next to nothing. I had some hand-me-down & abandoned kitchen supplies from my various college roommates, Nick had a TV & a dresser. We were high rollin’ folks.

In an effort to create the illusion of us being adults I decided we needed real napkins for fancy dinners. I was inspired by the ladies of A Beautiful Mess, they used various vintage fabrics which they ordered online to make their napkins. But I don’t have the patience to wait for mail ordered fabric & I don’t like cutting fabric into perfect squares if I don’t have to.

I’m lazy & cheap. Crafting is no exception to that rule.

So in one of my million wedding planning trips to Jo-Ann’s I realized “fabric quarters” are the perfect napkin size & cost $1. No cutting involved!

Cloth Napkins | Eats & Makes

DIY Cloth Napkins

Supplies:Cloth Napkins | Eats & Makes

  • Fabric Quarters, in your chosen fabric(s)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Katy Perry’s “PRISM” album (optional, but I’m judging you)


  1. Make a 1/4″ double hem on each side of your fat quarter by folding each edge over twice so all the raw edges are tucked inside. Pin this every couple of inches to keep it in place. Cloth Napkins | Eats & Makes
  2. Leaving 1/8″-ish seam allowance sew each edge & trim off excess thread as you go.
  3. Wash & iron your napkins — these are fancy napkins after all.

Cloth Napkins | Eats & Makes

Umm.. That’s it. This one really didn’t even need a tutorial is so easy.

Now go make 100 napkins!


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