Scan 48

so much fashion.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been staining, painting & redecorating.

It all started with my mom who incessantly watched Christopher Lowell each afternoon. As the youngest of three kids & the only girl I am her home decorating prodigy. As it turns out, kids are indeed like sponges & I soaked up way too many DIY techniques as a youngin’. But now that I’m married & pretending to be a big kid those crafting & thrifting skills are proving to be clutch.

Making something out of nothing comes more naturally to me than cooking, but a girl’s gotta eat so this year I’m cooking my way through a cookbook & am determined to learn how to make delicious veggie-friendly food.

Aside from foods & crafts I’ll also bring you along for the ride of having 45 42 dreadlocks, being a newlywed, slinging coffee & coming this June… starting graduate school!

We have a  lot on our plate — figuratively & literally — get ready for an adventure y’all!


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