How to Comb Out Dreadlocks: Bangs Edition

Back when I put my dreads in — and by “I” I mean when I sat there for 9 hours while someone else put them in — I didn’t really consider the fact that there are many different styles of dreads. I assumed dreads were just.. dreads.

So we went for the full meal deal: 45 pencil sized dreads in a precise grid.

But in the past 2.5 years I’ve realized there are oh so many different ways to have dreads. One of those ways being having bangs.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me before. I remember spending hours fuming about my bangs as they refused to lock up. But I fought hard & all these months later I have dreaded bangs.. which have turned out to be a real pain in the butt.

Here’s the thing, with normal people hair you can just tuck long bangs behind your ears no problem. With dreads you have to tuck/shove a large, bulky mass behind your ears or resign to hide behind your “dread curtain,” as Nick calls it.

So earlier in the week I called the most alternative salon I could find in town & explained my situation. They agreed to make my bangs pretty once I combed them out & then I pranced over to the store to buy lots of heavy duty conditioner & detangling spray.

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MAKES | Retro Headband

Retro Headband | Eats & MakesI’ve had my dreads for nearly three years now & in that time I’ve learned styling my hair can be a bit more difficult than my old straight hair. This is mostly because I’m paranoid about getting things stuck up there & because my hair is quite a bit thicker than it used to be… like a lot bit thicker.

So, going to the store & buying regular headbands rarely works for my hair mass. But headbands are cute & they keep my hair off my neck during hot high desert days.


Awhile back I was minding my own business on Pinterest when I stumbled upon Lula Louise’s tutorial for turban headbands — they were just what I’ve been searching for!

I promptly made one & got about a zillion (positive) comments about it at work the next day. They’re incredibly easy to make so I’m sharing the deets with all of y’all!

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Q&A | Dreadlocks

When you have dreads you get somewhat accustomed to answering oddball questions, people staring & strangers petting your hair. To be fair I suppose I hadn’t ever felt a dread until I was 20 & I accidentally befriended a dreadhead whilst studying abroad. There’s a certain amount of curiosity & wonder that comes along with these 45 things living on my head. I’ve had mine for 32 months now & I’m finally starting to hit my stride but it’s been a long, awkward road full of dread mullets & anxiousness.

On the days when I feel like shaving my head I look to other dready women to remind me there’s hope for a better hair day. One of those women just wrote a book about this crazy little journey called dreadlocks. In it she shares her own journey of seven years with dreads as well as shares the stories of other women with dreads. If you know me, you know I love hearing people’s stories so today I’m sharing my own & answering the same questions she asked all of her interviewees. Giddyup! Continue reading