Q&A | Dreadlocks

When you have dreads you get somewhat accustomed to answering oddball questions, people staring & strangers petting your hair. To be fair I suppose I hadn’t ever felt a dread until I was 20 & I accidentally befriended a dreadhead whilst studying abroad. There’s a certain amount of curiosity & wonder that comes along with these 45 things living on my head. I’ve had mine for 32 months now & I’m finally starting to hit my stride but it’s been a long, awkward road full of dread mullets & anxiousness.

On the days when I feel like shaving my head I look to other dready women to remind me there’s hope for a better hair day. One of those women just wrote a book about this crazy little journey called dreadlocks. In it she shares her own journey of seven years with dreads as well as shares the stories of other women with dreads. If you know me, you know I love hearing people’s stories so today I’m sharing my own & answering the same questions she asked all of her interviewees. Giddyup! Continue reading


EATS | Homemade Almond Milk

When you work at a coffee shop in Oregon every other customer asks you about your cow’s milk alternatives. From the soy staple to new additions like hemp milk & almond milk coffee is quickly getting on the, “Who said cow’s milk was so great anyways?” train.

Where I work we take things a step further & make our own almond milk each morning before we open (read: Vitamix blender headaches before 7am).

It’s crazy how many customers are (1) amazed that you can make your own almond milk, (2) want the recipe, ASAP.

For the past few weeks I’ve been making almond milk for Nick & I inspired by my work recipe. I’ve made a few tweaks along the way to suit our tastes but the basic premise is to soak whole almonds overnight, strain them, blend them with new, happy water & squeeze out the milk.

It’s so easy guys. And it’s delicious. And if you’re like us & don’t need four gallons of “milk” every week then you can easily control how much you make instead of throwing it out.

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MAKES | Kitchen Magnets

You learn a lot about someone when you decide to live with them, I think that’s part of what makes marriage so fun.

Growing up with two older brothers I’ve spent most of my life living with boys — I’m used to their antics — but Nick still finds ways to surprise me.

In the past 7 months of marriage/roommate times I’ve learned:

  • Nick cannot commit to rejecting future “cyborg” technology
  • I can poop faster than he can pee
  • He is an extremely thorough pre-dishwasher-dish washer

Now this last lesson has been an important one. I hate cleaning dishes before I put them in the dishwasher, it seems redundant to me. But Nick hates even more when those little bits of leftovers get baked onto dishes in the dishwasher. Valid.

So, I’ve learned to at least rinse my dishes before I put them in. Baby steps, right?

The harder part has been figuring out when the dishwasher is clean & when it’s dirty because if Nick’s loading it.. it’s always “clean.” More than once I’ve unloaded the entire dishwasher only to discover a small fragment of peanut butter on the last utensil which screams, “I just put a whole load of dirty dishes away in the cupboards!”

I may have lower standards of dish cleanliness than Nick but even I know that putting dirty dishes in the cabinets with clean ones is not cool.

So for months I’ve been contemplating making dishwasher magnets to signify if the dishes inside are “clean” or “dirty.” I found a blog post about making your own salt + flour clay a few weeks back & was bored on the couch at the time so I gave it a try.

To my surprise they turned out okay, but I never fell in love with their floury outside & the way they puffed up in the middle. So I put them in the closet under the guise of waiting to buy the appropriate magnet backing for them. Nick has already figured out if I put a project in the dungeons of the craft closet, it’s never coming out again.

DIY Kitchen Magnets | Eats & Makes

Weird, crumbly magnets

So I’m making newer, better, cleaner ones!

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Our First Apartment | Before

Getting the keys to our first apartment was… insane.

I made the 30+ hour journey back to Oregon from Spain & arrived on a Wednesday night. Nick was scheduled to start his new job in 10 days so by Friday morning we were on our way Bend to celebrate our one year dating anniversary & find an apartment.

When we were just outside of town I called a few property management companies who had apartments listed online that we liked. This is when reality started to sink in… of the handful of places we found online all of them already had applications pending. We quickly set up camp in a coffee shop & tried to find updated lists of apartments.

Finally we decided to just go to every company in town & turn in applications for whatever they had available within the next week. With our budget & timeframe our options were limited, to say the least. One woman along the way told us there was a less than 1% vacancy rate at the time.


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MAKES | Monogrammed Doormat

To get this show on the road I need to introduce you to my partner in crime & number one sidekick: Nick.

The Anderson's: Eats & Makes

The Anderson’s

Between his ever growing beard & my ever changing dreads our hair is slowly taking over the world, or at least our little piece of Central Oregon. Last summer (2013) just before we got married we signed a big kid lease on our first apartment together!

It’s important to note I had spent the previous year living in Spain & upon my return to the Pacific Northwest I was craving some good old fashioned thrifting & crafting. And this two bedroom apartment filled with beige walls & oak molding was my first canvas. So I promptly got to nesting & what better place to start than the front door.

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