MAKES | Hollow Core Door Headboard

When Nick & I got in engaged we were blessed with so many supportive friends & family who generously gave us new & used treasures to fill our house. I had donated most of my possessions before I moved to Spain & Nick was a college guy who didn’t need real furniture.

One of those wedding gifts was a bed, which was really clutch considering the only bed either of us “owned” was my twin sized bed from childhood which is cute but not necessarily practical.

DIY Hollow Core Headboard : Eats & Makes

And then we got a king sized bed which is huge. For months it stared back at me with its giant stature & plain walls behind it. I looked into buying headboards but our newlywed budget doesn’t allow for large decorative purchases. Then I looked into making my own headboard but our apartment lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to circular saws & power tools to build a headboard from scratch.

Then the internet in its infinite wisdom brought me to The Shabby Creek Cottage blog where I learned that hollow core doors are conveniently the same size as king size beds. But Gina’s gorgeous headboard DIY still required some, while minimal, power tools. I couldn’t get this door idea out of my mind so I mentioned it to Nick.. often.

He has mostly resigned to trusting my crafting — he’s so brave.

On one of my many Home Depot trips I “accidentally” found myself in the door section only to discover hollow core doors are expensive!

DIY Hollow Core Door Headboard: Eats & Makes

I know, $26 is cheap compared to the cost of most headboards — let alone king sized — but I really didn’t want to spend much money on this project since I wasn’t exactly sure it would even work.

Then my crafting & thrifting worlds collided in the most beautiful way when I learned about Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore centers. Homeowners & construction companies alike donate their leftover, salvaged & used materials to ReStore who then sells them at a fraction of the cost to the community & uses them to build Habitat for Humanity homes as well. I don’t think I could dream up a more perfect combination.

So I waltzed over to our closest ReStore & bought myself a hollow core door for $5. We were officially in headboard production!

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Our First Apartment | Before

Getting the keys to our first apartment was… insane.

I made the 30+ hour journey back to Oregon from Spain & arrived on a Wednesday night. Nick was scheduled to start his new job in 10 days so by Friday morning we were on our way Bend to celebrate our one year dating anniversary & find an apartment.

When we were just outside of town I called a few property management companies who had apartments listed online that we liked. This is when reality started to sink in… of the handful of places we found online all of them already had applications pending. We quickly set up camp in a coffee shop & tried to find updated lists of apartments.

Finally we decided to just go to every company in town & turn in applications for whatever they had available within the next week. With our budget & timeframe our options were limited, to say the least. One woman along the way told us there was a less than 1% vacancy rate at the time.


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MAKES | Monogrammed Doormat

To get this show on the road I need to introduce you to my partner in crime & number one sidekick: Nick.

The Anderson's: Eats & Makes

The Anderson’s

Between his ever growing beard & my ever changing dreads our hair is slowly taking over the world, or at least our little piece of Central Oregon. Last summer (2013) just before we got married we signed a big kid lease on our first apartment together!

It’s important to note I had spent the previous year living in Spain & upon my return to the Pacific Northwest I was craving some good old fashioned thrifting & crafting. And this two bedroom apartment filled with beige walls & oak molding was my first canvas. So I promptly got to nesting & what better place to start than the front door.

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